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What am I supposed to do with a Wiki?

You will all work collaboratively to create an informational website detailing the Popular Culture of the Roaring 20's and Great Depression Era. After you've been assigned a particular topic, you will need to gather research based upon the following guidelines and post it to your own page using the pages I've created for you. All of your primary information should be included on that page only. However, if you'd like to create additional pages and link them to your main page, you're encouraged to do so.

Measurement Topic - US History: Technology, Innovation and Popular Culture Level 2 Understands the impact of popular culture on US History

The Roaring Twenties and the years of the Great Depression provide a stark contrast to one another. The decade of the Twenties was characterized by the birth of modern culture,rise in consumerism, and what appeared to be a booming economy. The Thirties were characterized by the greatest economic depression in the history of our country and the world.

Project Guidelines
1. Each of you will select one of the Popular Culture topics. Once you have selected your topic you will click the link and create your own web page. Be sure to put your name on your page.
2. You will need to research your topic and use that information to create your web page. You must use your own words, and you must be able to state the impact/significance of your topic on the United States.
3. Your page must include pictures (and video if you can find any).
4. You can create new pages or links from your page.
5. Save your content in word document as a backup for grading purposes.
6. You will also be required to participate in the ongoing discussion on the discussion page.

Your grade will be based on the information on your page, as well as the design of your page. The scoring rubric is attached below.. You will also have an assignment in which you will "surf" one anothers' pages and gather information. Your pages need to be COMPLETED BY Wednesday, February 15.