Kaitlyn O'Rourke
Cars in the 1930's
In the 1930's the cars were the nations symbol of leisure.They used them to get from place to place. In the year 1930 the cars all came out with heaters and radios, at that time the cars started beginning to have a smoother shape of there body style, and offering less wind resistance. At the beginning of the thirties the cars had foot boards, sunshades, and a window screen on the car. They had drum like headlights as well as read lights attached to the car by connecting rods. As years went by the cars improved. The grill in the front of the car were normally tilted in more to make it look faster. The tube tiers also were invented in the thirties, wind shield wipers and other safety measures appeared during that time as well. They used cars to get around. As the automobiles got more advanced the building of highways and road became more common. Which made it easier for people to travel quick and easy. Easier to transport objects from one place to another.