Comic books Impact on America

  • In 1933 The first real comic book came out. It was called Funnies on parade. Comic books brought on a new era of entertainment and advertisement. In 1938 when superman cam in to action in comic books it made it into a major industry.

  • In 1924 Harold gray wrote the story if the little orphan Annie which was a very impacting story becauseduring this time america was going through a depression so Annie's sorry about going
  • from rags to riches to rags to riches and back again was a touching story to American's and made it's way to Broadway the radio and eventually was made into a movie.
  • In the 1920's/19/30's media and entertainment kicked off because it was during the depression and people wanted something compelling to look forward to and express their frustration. So instead of giving the public the news that they didn't want to hear they would focus on keeping them entertained by releasing comic strips.
  • Comics and entertainment were loved by the public, they made a lot of money and gave a distraction from all the misery of the depression.

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By: Tyler hunter