The Dust Bowl
jeremy roberge

The Dust Bowl got its name after black Sunday the date of that was April 14, 1935. In the 1932, their were 14 dust storms recorded on the plains. in 1933, there were 38 storms. by April 1934, there has been an estimate of 100 million acres of farmland that had been destroyed from the wind. The winds clocks at 60 mph.

The primary area for the storm is the southern plains. The northern plains were not that badly effected, but nonetheless, the drought, windblown dust and agricultural decline were no strangers to the north. The dust bowl lasted about a decade.

In the southern plains of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas they are dreaming of prosperity, and lived through ten years of drought, dust, disease and death.
The places the was affected by this storm was Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.