Brianna Missick

American music expanded during the 1930's

The most popular types of music played in the 1930's were Jazz, Swing, and the Blues.



The Great Depression

The Great Depression was during the 1930's and they went to music for inspiration and to brighten their spirits. Jazz was most popular at this time because it wasn't sad or depressing, but happy and exciting. Now that radios were a big hit, everyone would listen to the music in their homes other than going to concerts because it saved money. Since Jazz was mainly played by black people, African American culture flourished.


group-jitterbug1939.jpg This new style of Jazz
spread across America, thanks to dance-band leaders like Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. Every race enjoyed the musics fast paste style and the special dances with it.


Blues is a type of music that developed from African-American slave songs and was sung primarily by traveling musicians in the Mississippi Delta, Louisiana, the Piedmont region, and Texas. "Crazy Blues" was recorded, making Mamie Smith the first African-American woman to record a blues song. More than a million copies of "Crazy Blues" were sold, and its success led to the introduction of "Race Records," which were records recorded by African-Americans and sold primarily in black neighborhoods in the 1920s and '30s. As African-American workers spread out across the country, the music evolved and followed them. It began to gain popularity with a more diverse audience.