• The Prohibition began in january 16th 1920.

  • On this day the police now started to in force the new law very strongly. Many people went crazy when there was no alcohol.

  • The people now started to make there own alcohol and hide from the law many would also start there own

  • Many people had there own underground bars were they sold large quantities of alcohol to there guest.

  • Most of the alcohol was smuggled from canada on boats across the great lakes. Then into there underground bars that they had to hide from the law.external image images-1.jpg


  • This is when the law was put into role and they were getting rid of all alcohol. Most of the alcohol was either poured out into sewers and the streets.

  • A lot of people heard about this and tried to hide alcohol from the police when they were going around and dumping it all out.

  • The law was set in and many people found ways to get alcohol by either making it or buying it from the people who did make it.