1920's Radio

By: Alyssa Gentry

The first radio was a hit in the 1920's.
Although most people could not really make out
any of the music or broadcasting because of
the dearth of the radio receivers, they were still
captured by this new invention. Manufactures
were overwhelmed by the number of radio orders
from buyers. People waited in line to fill out
order forms for radios after dealers had sold

Most people used earphones to recieve news, advertisements, and music

Roughly 3 million Americans owned a radio by 1923. Although it was mostly used for entertainment such as music, sports, and fictional stories, it was also a good resource for news, weather reports, lectures, market updates, and political commentary.
Radio advertisement of the 1920's

And with the radio came radio stations.
Radio stations competed for time and listeners.
Listeners from one program were frequently
interrupted by overlapping programs. As the
free-for-all up for grabs stations got more jam
packed, the government made laws to regulate
the radio.